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Welcome to AB Seed!

AB Seed (Alberta Social Economy Ecosystem Development) is a collaborative of social enterprise and social finance leaders seeking to develop a strong social economic ecosystem in Alberta.

This website is designed to engage and grow the ecosystem. You'll find opportunities to connect with other ecosystem builders, resources, information about AB Seed work and initiatives, and learn about cool work and enterprises from across Alberta.

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Community Groups

Open Communities

We have a number of open community groups for you to join!  Start by introducing yourself in our Welcome community, and then find like minded people in the other groups to connect with.

Want to Start a Group?

Don’t see the group you are looking for? Have an idea for a new group? Reach out to us to let us know.

Facilitated Groups

We have several facilitated groups addressing key areas in the ecosystem such as Social Finance, Social Procurement, and Social Enterprise Supports.  If you are interested in these, or have an idea for a new one let us know.