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AB Seed

Alberta Social Economy
Ecosystem Development

We are thrilled to announce our official partnership with ABSI Connect. Together, we will create a powerful network that amplifies courageous actions in Alberta communities, aiming for equitable prosperity.


A new entity is being built that combines all the best of AB Seed and ABSI Connect. This may take some time, so in the meantime, AB Seed will continue most operations as usual. If you have any questions please reach out to and check our blog for the most up to date transition updates.

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Social Enterprise World Forum Alberta Community Hubs 

Join us at either one of our Alberta Community Hubs this October! This 2-day in-person event will feature a curated selection of SEWF23 session recordings.

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The Blog

Transition Updates with AB Seed and ABSI Connect

Check out our blog posts for the latest update on our transition with ABSI Connect.

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Join us for Peer Support Group Sessions! 

In these monthly sessions our team facilitates peer learning roundtable discussions and introduces you to the resource navigation tool Namada.


Our Story

We are building the social economy ecosystem in Alberta by enhancing collaboration, communication, and strategization of leaders and contributors working in the social economy.


Our vision for Alberta’s future is to be the best place to build and grow the social economy. We exist to increase the scale of these communities' impact and improve social outcomes for all Albertans.


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