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Welcome to AB Seed!

AB Seed (Alberta Social Economy Ecosystem Development) is a collaborative of social enterprise and social finance leaders seeking to develop a strong social economic ecosystem in Alberta.

Alberta Social Entrepreneurs Network

This Linkedin group was created for social entrepreneurs and individuals interested in social entrepreneurship to connect, collaborate and grow! Members of the social economy ecosystem of Alberta are welcome to join, share opportunities, and support the world of purpose, non-profits, cooperatives, social financing, and in short, impact.

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New Podcast

Generative conversations with Albertan thought leaders in social innovation, entrepreneurship and impact.


AB Seed and ABSI Connect are coming together to create a limited podcast series to spotlight social entrepreneurs and innovators who are working to progress and redefine this space.  

Our vision is centered on sharing stories to spark imaginations, plant ideas, shift mindsets, and change the way we approach entrepreneurship and innovation in Alberta.

Episodes releasing in Spring of 2022!

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