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This section is made for all those questions floating around. If we didn't answer a question that you had, please send us an e-mail here!

  • Does this involve a formal merger?
    No. Neither ABSI Connect nor AB SEED are formal legal entities. They are programs administered by existing organizations. Nonetheless, some of the complexities of mergers are present, including integrating and updating communications, advisory structures, and staff.
  • What if I want to be involved?
    We welcome the involvement of more Alberta changemakers in building the ecosystem for social innovation and social finance to flourish. Please contact if you would like to become more involved.
  • What will this integrated entity be called?
    That is yet to be determined. Both of the existing names (ABSI Connect or AB SEED) will be sunsetted. We have developed a cursory list of potential names, but would welcome suggestions. Please contact if you have any suggestions.
  • I don’t want to lose all of the information (blogs, podcasts, webinars, etc.) that have been produced - it’s a treasure trove!
    We will ensure that all of the existing blogposts, podcasts, webinars, reports, event summaries and other relevant information will remain easily accessible.
  • What about Namada? You just launched that, and it’s such a valuable resource!
    While it is quite possible that Namada could be updated and enhanced to reflect and profile more of the social innovation ecosystem, we fully expect the important assets and resources of each integrating entity - including Namada - to remain.
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