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AB Seed and ABSI Connect Integration Update

We are Thrilled to Announce Our Partnership

After a successful retreat in Red Deer, where advisors and managers from ABSI Connect and AB Seed came together, we are thrilled to announce our official partnership. Together, we will create a powerful network that amplifies courageous actions in Alberta communities, aiming for equitable prosperity.

AB Seed and ABSI Connect group photo from Red Deer meeting

Our Process

The process of bringing these two entities together will be guided by a Transition Coalition, formed from members of the former steering/management committees and advisory groups of AB Seed and ABSI Connect.

While there are still many steps to be taken, we will provide regular updates in the coming months as the integration unfolds and the new entity is launched. Although we have yet to determine the exact name, governance, operations, and other details, we are excited about the possibilities.

What This Means

We want to assure you that as ABSI and AB Seed transition, we will appropriately honour and celebrate the valuable work these entities have accomplished. We will make every effort to preserve and share the wealth of resources from both organizations, including podcasts, webinars, blog posts, reports, and more. To address any questions you may have, we have also created a Frequently Asked Questions section that provides detailed information.

Throughout this process, feedback from our community partners has guided and anchored us, and this will be more important than ever moving forward. Watch this space for calls for input and involvement. Also, please feel free to contact or Please stay tuned, as further details will be shared in updates over the coming months.

- AB SEED and ABSI Connect

AB Seed and ABSI Connect at the Red Deer meeting; Including brainstorming sessions

If you're interested, you can download the Retreat Summary Report below:

May 9-10 Retreat Summary Report.pdf
Download PDF • 11.15MB

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